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Ray Williams is among thousands of Grenadian nationals who left the Caribbean and who not only have achieved success in the Diaspora but also are giving back to their homeland.

Williams grew in Tivoli, St Andrew, where he spent the first eight-and-a-half years of his life. “It was the most happy time of my life,’’ Williams has said.

Williams celebrated his education birthday in the United Kingdom after moving there to join his parents.

Today, Williams has more than a quarter-century of experience in global capital markets, drawing on his achievements within major financial institutions in the London, New York and Toronto, where he currently resides.

He volunteers his time as a motivational speaker and mentor, and gives to charitable causes in Toronto and Grenada. One of his passions is education.

“Education is key. It’s the great leveler,’’ Williams said at a recent panel discussion in Toronto. “I embrace the notion of lifelong learning.’’

He encourages young people to grab every opportunity to “learn as much as possible’’, and to “stay focused and to go after what you want’’.

Williams, now vice chair of National Bank of Canada, has been recognized for his work, including receiving the 2019 “President’s Award’’ from Canada’s Black Business and Professional Association.

He says he recognizes that he’s been “lucky’’, which motivates him “to give back on a constant basis’’.