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Several of the groups in the Grenada Diaspora have a strong focus on supporting the educational pursuits of young people. In Canada, among those engaged in providing educational assistance are the Grenada Association of Toronto (GAT) and the Boca Toronto Support Group (BTSG).

GAT, the older of the two organizations, now offers five scholarships, open to students who are Grenadian nationals or Grenadians by descent. Two are known as the “GAT Diaspora Scholarships’’, open to Grenadian students to pursue courses at Canadian colleges and universities.

In the case of the BTSG, for the past 15 years the group has been providing annual educational assistance to students in Canada and Grenada. The total value of Boca’s educational contribution, to students at primary, secondary and post-secondary schools, is more than $42,000.

Grenada has benefited from the efforts of nationals based in Toronto including (left to right) Dental Surgeon Dr Sheridan Cyrus; Sandra Pierre, President of GAT; Richard St Bernard (GAT); Jerry Ross, President of BTSG; and Maurice Charles (GAT)

One of the recent recipients of a BTSG scholarship in Grenada was Geval Antoine, who is headed for studies at T.A. Marryshow Community College. She was presented with her scholarship award in the Grenada capital, St George’s, by Gennelle Thomas, Secretary of the Boca Toronto Support Group.

Gennelle Thomas, Secretary of BTSG (left) and student Geval Antoine