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Dear Diaspora,

The Ministry of Finance through the Inland Revenue Division (IRD) continues to explore innovative ways of making the process of paying taxes, stress- free.

Taxservices.gov.gd and pay.gov.gd are now available for a safer, easier, faster, more convenient and reliable way of doing business.

Persons in the diaspora currently using Wire Transfer to pay their taxes are encouraged to use these online platforms at no extra cost.

Taxpayers can register to become an e-user and pay taxes using their credit or debit cards. All taxes (except PIT) can be paid and filed using taxservices.gov.gd.  Additionally, Property Tax, Motor Vehicle Registration, Driver’s Licenses, Motor Vehicle Drivers Licenses and other government services can be paid using pay.gov.gd.

Please note that persons wishing to continue using Wire Transfers are reminded there is a bank-processing cost attached to that service, which varies depending on the currency as follows: USD$23, CAD$23, GBP$11.50, EURO $11.50. However, there is no cost for this transaction for persons within the OECS.

Taxpayers using Wire Transfers are required to provide as much information as possible, to complete the processing of their payments in a timely manner, including:-

  • The full name as registered with the IRD.
  • Tax Account Number and/or Cadastral number. (For Property Tax).
  • Tax type and period.

Customers are encouraged to use the online platforms as a preference to Wire Transfers.

IRD Striving For Greater Tax Payer Compliance.


Inland Revenue Division

Source: News Release – IRD Promote Its Online Platforms as a More Convenient Way To Pay Taxes final now