(473) 435-9995/9994



09/14/2021, 7pm via ZOOM

Meeting Leaders:

Contact: Mr. Derrick James
Email: derrick.c.james@grenadiandiaspora.gd,
Phone: (473) 406-1882
WhatsApp: (647) 544-5784

  • Dr. Myanna Charles
    Email: myanc26@gmail.com
    Phone: (473) 410 5381

List of high priority needs:

  1. Human resources are the highest need/priority. 

Grenada needs people to come support because 75% of hospital workers are now in isolation, and 24% of community health care workers have been exposed. 

We need to have the following people go to Grenada to help:

  1. Doctors
  2. Nurses
  3. mental health care professionals for the community and health personnel
  4. People to man the hotline: anyone can do this. Contact Dr. Charles for details, FLOW can walk us through how to use the app and instructions on how to go about this.
  5. Make efforts to get past SGU students involved
  1. At least 5000 home care kits

Almost all the spread of covid-19 in Grenada is through the home and community and not through the work. It appears it is very hard to prevent this so health care professional are trying to provide home care kits. This will be given to people at home to prevent movement and promote self-checking before going into the community.

Kit will comprise:

  1. thermometers
  2. face masks
  3. hand sanitizers and hand soap
  4. 2 week supply of zinc
  5. pulse ox
  6. Oxygen concentrators

Fight against misinformation

    1. Speak to your family and friends about the misinformation and encourage them to stop sharing misinformation.
    2. Consider doing a PSA video, stating your profession and when/where you got the vaccine, and how it benefitted you. If you want to do this, let the diaspora leadership know so that we have a consistent message. GIS is willing to record and broadcast these. 

Other (general) things needed:

  • N95 masks for frontline workers and tested persons
  • vitamins
  • oxygen tanks (empty)

NOTE: Anything you send should be sent to a central location: Grenada Diaspora Office. Then let them know to expect it and the $$ value of the shipment.

Infrastructure for helping (09/4/2021):

Sending general PPE and supplies

We will try to organize with the Miami Consulate to set up a central hub/warehouse in Miami for people to send donations to, which is then airlifted. Liselle Joseph, PhD and Mr. Derrick James will work on this and share details on how to send donations to this hub, if it is set up.

Until then, please contact the following local organizations to send donations:

  • New York Nurses Association, Dr. Raheeman Joy Frederick, (646) 322-8385 
  • Toronto: Grenada Preparedness in Toronto, Mr. Unison Joseph, email: gdptor@gmail.com, phone: (416) 856 3663
  • London Embassy
  • Queens, NY: Dr. Stanford John
  • Florida, USA: Grenada Consulate

Sending funds to Grenada Covid-19 Relief