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Links to popular local news media in Grenada

Online News Sites

GIS – Government Information Service of Grenada

The Government Information Service of Grenada is responsible for coverage, gathering and dissemination of government information.

NOW Grenada

Grenada news, business, sports, culture, history

Grenada Informer

The Fearless weekly that tells it like it is; it is Non-Political and Non-Partisan

The New Today Newspaper Grenada

A hub for conversation about the latest news and developments

Grenada Broadcast

Providing ten hours of weekly audio/visual content online

The Barnacle News

Grenada Newspaper & Business Journal

Grenada Chronicle

Grenada News

Grenada Broadcasting Network

GBN is the premiere and largest Network on the island of Grenada

Diaspora as partner in development

Grenada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Peter David, will be visiting Britain from 5-11 July on state business that includes meeting with Grenadians in the UK Diaspora.

Radio News Channels

Boss 104.1/9 FM Grenada | Blazin’ Da Hitz!

Power 95.1 FM

Wee 93.3/9 FM Radio Grenada | The Real Choice

City Sound FM 97.5 in St. George’s, Grenada

Radio Fresh Fm Grenada


GBN Klassic AM – Live Online Radio

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