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Message from Hon. Oliver Joseph, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and CARICOM Affairs with Responsibility for Diaspora AffairsInternational Business

The adoption of a National Diaspora Policy and Action Plan, and the institution of an Office of Diaspora Affairs represents a special historical nexus in the development of a compact between the Government and citizens of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, and its diaspora.

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This development emanates from a Government that is forward looking and constructive in putting forth and articulating a Diaspora Policy, that strengthen the engagement with our citizens abroad.

The NSDP 2035 states:-“Social inclusion is crucial for the long-term transformation of our society and as such we must commit to fostering a socially cohesive society that provides a sense of belonging, participation, inclusion and recognition to all.”

This diaspora policy recognizes the need to involve all Grenadians in this process.

We recognize this framework, and the resulting synergies will produce and explore the means of addressing developmental challenges with a sense of shared history, vision and lessons learnt from our experiences.

Participation by our diaspora will impact positively on our development with their enhanced capacity, skills, training and resources.  The adoption of our diaspora policy, and the legal framework with the demonstrated strong political will, commitment and leadership by government is conducive to enhancing trust and forging partnerships to aids our national processes and Diaspora engagement. 

The broad aims of this policy and actions must:

  • Engage Grenadians in the Diaspora by fostering a dynamic interaction to play a more meaningful role in national development.
  • Lay the foundations to follow up on initiatives.
  • To contributes to the wellbeing of the Diaspora in their resident communities.


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Vacancy Notice – National Insurance Scheme, Grenada

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“The formation of a diaspora could be articulated as the quintessential journey into becoming; a process marked by incessant regoupings, recreations, and reiteration. Together these stressed actions strive to open up new spaces of discursive and performative postcolonial consciousness.”

Okwui Enwezor