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Grenadian Diaspora Engagement Policy

Grenada National Diaspora Engagement Policy

We encourage all Grenadians and their descendants living abroad to read the policy and to be a part of the consultative process.

Policy Summary

This policy seeks to outline many areas of the diaspora engagement with the guided principles of neutrality, inclusiveness, partnership, integrity, accountability, communication and sustainability. It seeks to concentrate on six (6) thematic platforms:

  1. Diaspora Engagement
  2. Diaspora Investment
  3. Remittances
  4. Diaspora Philanthropy
  5. Human Capital Transfers
  6. Governance and Administration

The establishment of the Office of Diaspora Affairs (ODA) key principle is to strengthen the effective engagement with the Diaspora. The ODA will seek to establish a one-stop-shop and also a structure for meaningful engagement. This structure will be both regional and international.

In this policy, a five (5) year plan will be owned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and monitored by the Diaspora structure that will be established. The plan will seek to have monitoring evaluation and will be result driven.  There will be strategic actions that will allow the Diaspora to be fully engaged in the development of the homeland. Every suggestion made by members will be highly taken into consideration regardless of age, religion, or political affiliation.