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Confidentiality Notice: This is an anonymous survey. Responses to this survey are considered confidential and therefore individual responses will not be released, shared, or published.

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What do Grenadians living in the diaspora really think about investing their time, talent, and financial resources in Grenada? We want to know!

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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is assisting the Government of Grenada in conducting a study of the Grenadian diaspora. The goal of the study is to identify potential opportunities to partner with the Grenadian diaspora to promote development in Grenada. To do this effectively, we need honest input and feedback from the Grenadian diaspora community. Input collected will be used to shape future diaspora engagement policies and strategies and to support project development. Data will be used for research purposes only and will only be reported in aggregate. All responses will remain anonymous and will be treated with utmost confidentiality.  Results of the research will be shared publicly to contribute to community knowledge and to foster capacity building. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. Please share with your families and networks! Let’s build Grenada together!

Important terms to note in the survey:

Diaspora  refers to Grenadians and persons of Grenadian origins who live outside Grenada, but still maintain links with homeland.

This can refer to;

  • those who have emigrated from Grenada and are now living outside the country,
  • individuals who spend part of their time in Grenada and part of their time in another country (countries), or
  • it can refer to the children and grandchildren of emigrants from Grenada – as long as they feel an affinity for Grenada as a type of “home.”

Diaspora engagement – or “Investing in Grenada” refers to a broad range of activities; from remitting (sending) cash to friends and family, investing financial capital into for-profit or non-profit businesses, banking, skills, knowledge and technology transfer as part of a project, contributing money to charities or participating in volunteer opportunities in Grenada, visiting for business or pleasure.

(includes volunteering, charity, donating skills or time, visiting, promoting Grenada)

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